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  Lian Slayford
I'm Lian, the founder of Beautiful World Escapes. I
 was born and raised in the United Kingdom but have been lucky enough to live in the United States, China and currently waiting to move to Hong Kong.
Growing up I travelled abroad with my family and I left for the east coast of America when I was 18. However, I returned to finish my degree in Archaeology which I obtained with Full Honours.
Before moving to China I travelled mostly around Europe, exploring the beauty and wonders each country had to offer. Every country is a treasure chest of historical sites, culinary delights and ancient traditions which have inspired both my archaeological and travel professions.
Contact me at lianslayford@beautifulworldescapes.com
Since 2008, I have been producing travel related articles and blog posts for clients. The topics covered included destination guides, hotel reviews, restaurant reviews and more detailed articles on the history and legends behind specific sites.
Many of my purchased articles can be found on websites and blogs in addition to in-flight magazines.
In 2014 I began writing a series of travel books for clients and the following year published the first of my own travel guides, A Guide to Malta, on Amazon. Within eight months I have published several more guides with more to follow.
I am a qualified archaeologist, specialising in Religious Archaeology. Specifically, I trace the origins of each deity and the transformations they undergo throughout the centuries through internal and external influences. I received a First Degree with Honours from UCL in the United Kingdom and have been quoted as a professional source on various academic websites.
Eight Years As A Professional Writer
I have spent the last eight years as a professional ghostwriter, producing a variety of articles, blog posts and eBooks.
Eight Years As An Archaeologist
In 2008 I graduated with a First Degree with Honours in Archaeology. For several years I worked as an independant archaeologist working with archaeologists both in the United Kingdom and overseas.
Two Years Writing Travel Books
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